Tomas Klus

I can only recommend the speed reading course. I liked the prepared lessons as well as the clearly structured website. On top of that, I appreciate the comparison with other users.

Ales Svoboda

I’m very satisfied with the online course. You only need to exercise for couple minutes a day and the result in increased speed of reading will show up. Thumbs up for the Legentas team.

Lenka Balakova

Medicine student
Nice form of an e-learning with a great user support. Based on my experience, the learning is excellent and the new skill can be applied daily. Best of luck for your next work!

Jan Trybenekr

International Trade student
I felt significant improvement in my reading after only a week of daily trainings in the Legentas application and that motivated me to continue with development of my reading skills even further. Daily reading of newspapers, books and school materials are much more efficient now.

Michal Schmalz

The regular reading training on the Legentas web allowed me to easily process more text materials that sometimes overload me as a student. I believe it is essential to be able to effectively process information in these days. Speed reading should be developed by everyone who is serious about his reading.

Jan Cibulka

I tried out the online application Legentas and later bought the full version which I definitely don’t regret. The lessons are well structured, the way through the course natural and the results emerge soon enough. I almost tripled my reading speed in just 14 days and thus I can only recommend it.

Martin Humpolec

Product manager, traveler
I was already quite a fast reader but I was tempted by the chance to learn speed reading and different reading styles. I’m glad I found this website as I really did improve my reading speed and comprehension. The improvement was lower than 100 % but it was still quite a step forward.

Ondrej Svoboda

I thought I already read fast enough but I wondered whether or not I can speed up? And it actually was possible. Legentas helped me to achieve improvement of 84 % from the original 372 words per minute to 685 words per minute. Thank you!

Michal Ciffra

The speed reading (and effective reading) training delivered by the Legentas project I can only recommend! In a very pleasant form and in less than 2 weeks you learn how to “really read”.

Kristyna Honcikova

I was very skeptical and hesitated to believe that I could learn to read two or three times faster at the beginning, nevertheless the results of the first lessons really surprised me and the progress motivated me to continue.

Luciano Rateke

I can say that the course is way beyond expectations- one must try it for himself in order to see the huge benefits that Legentas can bring to our daily life. Not only I'm reading faster, but I'm understanding and concentrating more.

Jeroen Vanwalleghem

Software Engineer
"As a Software Engineer, we are faced with technological innovations. This implies reading numerous books, articles, etc. I was an average reader and thanks to Legentas I improved my comprehensive reading by 133% in two weeks. I spend less time reading more! "

Dakota P. Allerston

I wanted to take the time to thank you for providing the international community with the most effective speed-reading software available. Through my academic career, I have always struggled with my reading speed and would often avoid reading because of it. Since the initial test, my reading speed has improved from 170 words to over 500 words. Your software has truly opened up the world of creativity and knowledge for me, and I am incredibly grateful.

Paweł Czyż

When I was young I read a few books on speed reading techniques. Although this traditional approach was quite successful, I wanted to learn more. Legentas' online exercises broadened my knowledge on the topic and significantly improved both my comprehension and reading speed!
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