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Learn to read 2x as effectively!

Gain more time for yourself. In only 20 hours, we will teach you to read more than 2x faster which will allow you to save time reading articles, books, emails and documents. You can speed read every day at work or school, and speed reading ability also looks good on your CV.

Get free speed reading basics

If you read at least 2 hours a day, you save 7 hours a week. (That's almost a full workday)

  • The speed reading course on the website Legentas is modern way of learning to read better and more effectively. I think that it is a very useful think for students and everybody should try it.
  • The course definitely helped me and I enjoyed it, I recommend it, great project.
  • I can definitely recommend the course of speed (and especially effective) reading withing the project Legentas! In a non-aggressive way of teaching you learn to really "read" in a few weeks!
  • Your application is not only excellent in perfect processing of digital methods and tools applied to teaching in order to improve reading speed, but also in the administration of exercise equipment in a fun interactive way.
  • I used to read fast, but I was attracted by the chance to read faster and especially to know how to achieve it. I am very glad, that I found these sites and also that I improved my reading skill and text understanding.

How it works

Your brain normally processes about 500 words per minute when they are displayed separately.


But coherent texts are read by untrained readers at a speed of only 200-250 words per minute.

This is because human vision skips on the rows while reading. The untrained reader is decelerated by too many skips.

When you master speed reading you will be able to read coherent texts at a speed of 500+ words per minute.

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The online course includes:

Complete e-book about speed reading
Access to all 20 lessons
Unlimited access to additional exercises even after finishing the course
The graduate certificate after successfully completing the 15th lesson
Feedback and advice while learning

Online course

Learn to read more than 100% faster through interactive exercises and a bit of clearly explained theory. The online content allows you to study anytime, anywhere.
Track of your progress throughout whole course
Fun & motivational elements
Immediate feedback after each exercise.
Reading speed rate.

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Basics of speed reading - free trial. Register now!

The free trial includes a reading speed test, the basics of speed reading, and the first lesson of the online course. See for yourself the possibilities of more effective reading. Completely free!

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