Legentas for schools

Educational Legentas for high schools and universities.

We enable students of a particular school to can access Legentas for Schools, through their own school interface, separately from other users.

Teachers have their own administration interface to manage students and classes, monitor procedures, and perform other routine administrative tasks. Statistics of each class, and the entire school, are also provided.

If you are interested in Legentas for Schools contact us at info@legentas.com

List of partner schools

Mikuláš Koperník Grammar School in Bílovec

The first ever involved school in the Czech Republic is a mathematical Nicolaus Copernicus High School in Bílovec, where speed reading is taught all through the fourth and third years.

ÚISK FF UK in Prague

Selected students of the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Charles University are involved in the training for the development and expansion of Legentas application.

Division of Information and Library Studies, Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno

The employees of the Division of Information and Library Studies, Masaryk University have also joined the Legentas project. They prepare the e-courses and seminars in the field of information literacy, both with traditional themes and the creative themes (including the speed reading), within the European Project of Center of information education at MU (CEINVE).

EDUCAnet - grammar school and college Praha, s.r.o.

Among other high school students using the application Legentas are grammar school and college students of EDUCAnet Prague - vocational school focused on information technology.

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