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Legentas is an award-winning speed reading online course.

We have worked closely with academic speed reading experts and UX designers to develop a set of interactive exercises that reduce the most common bad reading habits and improve the overall reading performance.

Legentas Team

Ing. Michal Zwinger, MIM

Co-founder of Legentas, one of his first implemented online projects. Michal focuses on online business development.

Ing. Michal Hudeček

Co-founder of Legentas. Michal lectures at international conferences including the UNESCO, and frequently comments in the media about conceptual thinking. His company Maintop Businesses helps to start innovative online projects.

Doc. PhDr. Richard Papík, Ph.D.

Richard has been working at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Charles University, since 1994. He started as a CU teacher became Deputy Director (2000 to 2002) and then Director (2002 -2012). Richard was also information specialist of Medistyl Prague (1994-2012) where he focused on technical and scientific information in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, toxicology and the environment. He worked at VTEI in the fields of scientific, technical and economic information (1984-1994).

PhDr. Jana Krejčí

Graduate of the the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Reading and its methods are her long-term interests, which is why she is participating in online teaching at Legentas.

Marek Lisy

Student of MFF at Charles University, who loves smiling people, football, Kofola and good and crazy ideas.

Šimon Rozsíval

Legentas programmer and student of MFF at Charles University. Interested in web applications, nature, scouting and theater.

Adam Zlatohlávek

Progressive student. Interested in programming web services and mobile applications. When not programming, he likes reading books.

Veronika Pavlíková

One of the first members of the Legentas team. Veronika is our web and advertising graphic designer. Her hobbies include photography and travelling.

Radek Šauer

A skilful young copywriter who helps with communication at Legentas.

Monika Fonferova

Student at Masaryk University in Brno. She takes good care of our customers. Monika is the Legentas Happy Users VP.

  • Tomáš Wolf

  • Jan Stejskal

  • Jan Křišťan

  • Michal Bahounek

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